My new least favorite airport

Charlotte, congratulations.

You have just surpassed Atlanta Hartsfield as my most-hated airport. (I once had to almost spend the night in the Atlanta airport and I have not forgotten. Luckily I was on the company dime so I was able to get a hotel room and get the hell out of there.)

I just took a trip to Myrtle Beach, and then from there to Charleston. Both my flight there and home included a stop in Charlotte.

On the way there, our flight had three gate changes and then about a two hour delay due to some mechanical issue. Myself and the other unfortunate souls to be on this flight were traipsing around terminal E each time they told us to go somewhere else. It was like musical chairs but with a plane.

Then, on the way back, my flight from Charleston to Charlotte was delayed – first by a half hour and then an hour. As a result I missed my connecting flight and had to wait for the next one. So I had to spend several hours in Charlotte, waiting. I did grab an Auntie Anne’s pretzel dog for dinner, which was the highlight, and they also have Starbucks, so that was another plus. But other than that, it was complete misery.

I tried to kill some time by getting a manicure at the spa but they were booked up until it was almost time for me to board. It was cutting it too close. The spa looked pretty empty to me so I’m not sure who had an appointment, but, so much for that.

The free WiFi was a total joke. The second I connected to it, I couldn’t get anything to work. Not Facebook, not a browser, I couldn’t Tweet. So I switched back to using my data (so I’ll probably have a huge bill this month – thanks, Charlotte).

And last but not least, WHY THE F ARE THERE BATHROOM ATTENDANTS? What service are they performing, exactly? During my stop on the way to Myrtle Beach, the attendant WELCOMED ME to the restroom. Uh, thanks, I guess? I’m just here to pee, not have a four-course meal. And I should tip her for that? Another bathroom attendant handed me a paper towel as I was washing my hands. Something I could have easily done for myself. Not tipping you for that. And the final bathroom attendant I encountered did NOTHING. So please tell me why these people are employed? At least give me a mint, or something like that. Nope. I mean, I guess I’m glad they have jobs or whatever, but seriously, I could stand in a restroom with a tip jar if that’s all it takes to make a little cash on the side.

I was never so glad when the plane took off last night and brought me home.




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