One cough away from the grave.

If you could exhume my Google search history on my phone over the past few days you’d see things such as:

  • vomiting from coughing fit is it normal
  • can you injure your ‘lady bits’ from coughing
  • does codeine cause insomnia
  • Downton Abbey does Carson die (seriously, I was worried during the finale!)
  • coughing rib injury

It’s a good time to be me – and I’m available for parties and bar mitzvahs, too!

I went to the doctor for the second time in a month because of my hacking situation. While I was sitting in the crowded waiting room, I couldn’t help but continue to cough incessantly, albeit politely into my elbow like we’re taught to do these days. And yet, some old crotchety lady still glared at me. Excuse me for being sick at the doctor! At least they didn’t ask me to wear a mask this time – although they probably should have.

After the doctor, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotics and inhaler that were prescribed to me. I’m not often home during the day so I don’t get to see the proliferation of old people who are out doing their thang while the world is at work. But at the pharmacy, I was easily the youngest person in the building (non-employee) by about thirty years. I could see my future, and the future has shingles.

Honestly, I’m about over it with this sickness. I don’t think my body can take much more of this. This inhaler is for the birds, too – I mean, I have done my fair share of inhaling back in the day #ifyouknowwhatimean but this thing makes me gag. #thatswhatshesaid

I think I have about 50 coughs left til my body just gives out on me. It’s been nice knowing everyone. Well, most of you.


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