Oh great! It’s 60 in February! STFU

Everyone here in my part of the US enjoyed unseasonably warm temps yesterday. Myself included. I took the dog for a walk back on some trails behind our city hall, which was enjoyable for exactly one minute before my foot plunged into a muddy hole, drenching it in ice-cold melted snowy muddy mixture of awfulness. The rest of the walk involved me not loving the squishing sensation that was happening in my left Skecher.

But it was great to see the snow melt and have the windows open, even if for a fleeting few hours. Everyone was posting pictures of what outdoor activities they were into yesterday. It was awesome.

Until my body was all like, “um, we’re in winter mode here and you can’t be throwing this spring shit in here all willy-nilly like and then expect me to not erupt into some kind of violent mucus thing!”

Yeah. It went there. So last night at dinner I noticed that I was getting this frog in my throat. No, I wasn’t eating frog legs. On the drive home, it was getting worse. I basically couldn’t get through a sentence without having to “het-hem” at least twice. I popped a Zicam when I got home but it was too late.

So today I feel like shit. This is the price I pay for going sled riding on Tuesday, and wearing short sleeves with my car window rolled down on Saturday. I no longer want to see any warm days until Mother Nature is ready to commit to them on the regular. This little tease of warmth has just screwed me up royally.

But I hope you all enjoyed it.


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