People Whose Christmas Decorations are Still Up

It shouldn’t surprise you by now that I hate Christmas. OK, not entirely true, but I despise enough of the things about Christmas that I qualify for Grinch status.

One of the things I hate about Christmas is the fact that people put their decorations up in like mid-August these days and don’t take them down until the ides of March. In my house, if I catch wind that the boys want to put the tree up, and the calendar doesn’t read “December,” all hell breaks loose. Even the first week of December is a touchy subject for me. If there’s snow on the ground and you happen to catch me in the right mood, I *might* go for it. Then again, I might not.

December 11, 12, thereabouts, begins to be an acceptable timeframe to put up the tree. It’s a huge hassle for me to have to move furniture and have my living room be all cluttered and claustrophobic-like, so that is the impetus behind why I delay it for as long as humanly possible.

On the flip side, my tree is down by New Year’s Eve. If it were up to me, it would be taken down on December 26, but I realize my kids like to savor the holiday and admire their gifts under the tree.

If my husband isn’t lazy in a particular year and puts up outdoor lights, he better have them down by this timeframe, as well. They sure as hell aren’t getting turned on once the calendar flips to the new year.

So it boggles my mind, no, REALLY it does, when I am driving around on a day like today, January 11th, and people are still at it with the lights. We’re a good three weeks out now. I’ve worked a full week in the new year and it sure doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore. Therefore, everyone should also be done with it! Can someone explain to me why people still have their lights up? Is it laziness? Some other light-decorating holiday in January I’m not aware of? Honestly. I get so irritated when I’m driving at night and the street is all lit up like I’m in the goddamn Vegas Strip. If I’m feeling especially passive aggressive, I will YELL AT THE HOUSE. That’s right, I yell at a building. “Take down your lights! It’s not even Christmas anymore!” I yell in my most irritated tone. Give it everything I’ve got. It makes me feel better but doesn’t do a lick of good because they’re still up the next time I drive by.

Anyone else feel particularly ticked off by this or am I just in a special category of grump all by myself?


4 thoughts on “People Whose Christmas Decorations are Still Up

  1. Hell yes! Heck, I felt irritated by Christmas lights when it was Christmas! And Christmas songs, oh my Lord the Christmas songs, especially when you’re trying to get through a 9 hour shift and having to listen to the same damn dozen songs being played on repeat. To top it off they got stuck in my head- even though I despised them so much! I didn’t even bother with decorations this year I was feeling so bah humbug about the whole thing.


  2. I have to admit there might be a few things out from Christmas…and I’m calling them ‘Winter’ decorations. ☃😉 If it wasn’t for my kids I could talk myself into no decorations! When I’m dragging them out I am already dreading putting them away!


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