Prepare to have your minds blown.

You guys.

Yesterday, my world was completely flipped, turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute — just sit right there — because you are about to be as blown away as I was.

toilet tatto

Someone dropped this off at my desk yesterday. What is it, you ask? That, right there, is a “Toilet Tattoo.”

I’ll just wait while you try to wrap your head around the fact that THIS IS A THING.

Simply, it’s an adhesive decoration for the lid of your toilet. The design I am showing above is the more tongue-in-cheek style of Toilet Tattoo; however, these things come in a variety of designs to fit any personality. For instance, there’s a lace-like sticker for those who are a bit fancier than the rest of us. There’s a Chevron pattern that I actually kind of like because — hello, trendy! For the holidays, there’s a squirrel wearing a Santa hat. Honestly – I can’t believe this is JUST NOW catching on! Here we’ve all been foolishly leaving our toilet seat lids unadorned for YEARS! Centuries, even.

The people who came up with these are, frankly, geniuses. This is an entire untapped market of toilet decorating. It’s going to just put the shag carpet toilet lid cover out of business.

Don’t you feel like an idiot for a) not thinking of this yourself and b) not already ordering one for every toilet in your house??????

I’m going to give you some time to recover, and then let’s chat about this. Which one is your favorite?


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