Bringing the Class, Yet Again

Last week, I walked away from my desk and did not lock my computer. I KNOW BETTER. I must have been in a hurry, because in no circumstances do I ever leave my computer unattended. I trust exactly NO ONE of my co-workers, because hijinks. Sure enough, the bait of an unlocked PC was too much for one individual who shall remain nameless to handle, because he went in and changed my desktop background to a FREAKING CLOWN.

I hate clowns. They terrify me. Even normal, happy clowns just give me the willies. But he, of course, opted for the scary, murderous clown with a bloody knife in hand.

It actually took me hours to notice this, because I always have stuff up on my dual monitors. By then, most of the people whom I would accuse were gone. However, the perpetrator confessed to me (mostly because he was disappointed that I hadn’t reacted).

I hadn’t seen him in person since the desktop tomfoolery in question, until yesterday. I walked up to him at his desk. He was hunched over like he was deeply entrenched in a project. “HEY ASSHOLE,” I bellowed. He turned and gave me a horrified look, which is when I noticed he had his phone headset in. “I’m on a call,” he mouthed and pointed at the headset.

Not only was he on a call, but he was on a conference call with our owners. Who likely heard my classy greeting.

Moral of the story: always check for an earpiece before you call your co-worker an asshole. Even if they deserve it.


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