My son, the future criminal.

We have neighbors around the corner with a boy his age. Now that he’s 6, he pretty much thinks he can do whatever the F he wants, when he wants. This, of course, runs counter to my plans for him as a parent. We don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on many things, namely, bedtime, tooth brushing time, dinner time, wake up time, go to school time, etc.

So I’ve been letting him go over to see if his friend is home. The mom over there knows to shoot me a text and let me know he’s there, and I do the same – although her kid is terrified of my dog, so he never comes over unannounced. We have to batten down the hatches before he will even step on to our property line. Because my dog is a super terrifying licking machine who loves people. Anyway, the other day my son asks to go check if they’re home. I told him it was fine, but to come right back or have his friend’s mom text me.

Ten minutes go by with no text, and no sign of my son, and to be honest, I wasn’t super worried about it. But then he comes back into the house and announces that  they weren’t home.

“Then where were you these past ten minutes?” I asked.

“The door was unlocked so I went in their house to see if they were there,” he told me, LIKE IT’S TOTALLY NORMAL TO BREAK INTO SOMEONE’S HOUSE WHEN THEY AREN’T THERE.

And apparently he walked around their house, looked in all the rooms, to see where they were.

Explaining that it was not socially acceptable to do this seemed to go in one ear and out the other. I fully expect to have to bail him out of jail at some point in his life for this kind of behavior.


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