The gift of unfriendship

Does anyone else unfriend people on Facebook when it’s their birthday? It’s probably rude, but sometimes it’s the only time I’m reminded I’m still friends with you.

Today, for instance, is probably the douchiest guy from grade school’s birthday. If you look up “douchelord” in the dictionary, he’s there wearing his salmon colored shorts and drinking a craft beer. I don’t know why I still have him on my friends list. We have had zero interaction on Facebook. I like to judge his photos and snark about it with my best friend since grade school. So, he is providing a value to me by remaining on my list.

But some others, not really. That person I added when “Mafia Wars” was a thing? Happy birthday, you’re unfriended.

Person who dated a friend of mine in 2009 and I’ve been keeping an eye on because she couldn’t? Sorry, unfriended.

It’s a good way to clean out the friends list. I should do it more often, rather than on people’s birthdays.


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