In today’s episode of “I can’t believe I haven’t been fired yet …”

For some reason, I have been entrusted to manage a small team of people at work. It’s a fun group, and I also do my best to try to maintain levity in the group. Sometimes we border on inappropriate. OK. Forget the “border” part. Sometimes, we are inappropriate.

I suppose that as the leader of the group, I should try to maintain a sense of decorum. But I like a good raunchy joke as much as the next person.

Today, my group had a brainstorming meeting and the conference room was godawful hot. Like, sauna situation happening. We all seated ourselves at the table, each exclaiming some kind of disbelief at the hotness in the room as we entered.

My group is all female except for one lone dude. He gets along really well with us, and he is the one who instituted our “no filter Friday” motto – which means that, on Friday, we are extra-inappropriate.

As we were off Friday for the holiday, I suppose I went with no filter on Monday instead.

The guy in my group entered the room, which as I mentioned before, was fucking sweltering. He had been wearing a cardi over a polo-type shirt. He came in and started unbuttoning the cardigan. I said (*cringe*), “damn, are we getting some ‘Magic Mike’ action here or what?”

I knew it was wrong right after I said it. Everyone laughed, but I was horrified that I had just likened my poor team member to a cheesy stripper. It was demeaning. I felt like a construction worker but in reverse. Ugh.

They let me be in charge of people. I want to say that again.


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