Level Up: Old person achievement unlocked!

This weekend, I almost killed myself. Not on purpose.

I have to take some pills for certain issues I have. I have plenty of issues, but they don’t make pills for all of them. Anyway, the weekend was crazy because we had a baseball tournament for the older kid, about a half hour drive away. Our first game Saturday morning was at 8:45. We had to be there a half hour early, so that meant 7:45 we had to be out of the house. There are three pills I take in the morning – one of them first thing before I eat, and then the next two with food.

I cannot say for sure if I took the next two.

Felt fine during the tournament, other than it started out 45 degrees and was about 75 by the time we were done. I had worn jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a vest and a winter coat in the morning. So by the end I was down to just the t-shirt. Even the jeans were too much at that point, but what are you going to do.

When I got home, I remembered those two pills and honestly couldn’t remember taking them or not. Usually I would give myself the benefit of the doubt and skip the pills, but this time, I decided that I 100% hadn’t taken them earlier, and so I took them. Maybe again. I don’t know.

I started to feel like total shit a few hours later and had forgotten by that point what I had done. When it hit me, I took to the Internet to see if the symptoms matched. They did. Bottom line, I could have died for my dumbassery. That is a giant #hashtagfail.

Of course, I then obsessed over said symptoms and probably made them 100 times worse in my head. My husband talked me out of going to the ER twice. Probably because he is so cheap and he didn’t want me to blow a $150 co-pay.

So this morning, I had to go to my local pharmacy to get some other stuff, and I picked up one of those weekly pill sorter things. I figure it’s probably better to bite the bullet and feel like an old person by using that, than do this to myself again and not live to BE an old person. But I feel like this is a milestone that nonetheless needs to be called out. Pill sorters are not for people under 40. Under 60, even! But, so it goes.

This post probably isn’t as funny as maybe it could be, but those are the facts of the case. I almost overdosed myself and so now I have a pill sorter. The end.


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