Ambrosia, I have questions.

AmbrosiaI was recently listening to the Ambrosia station on Pandora because I needed an infusion of 70’s yacht rock in my life, and I needed it right away. The album cover art happened to catch my eye, which made me realize that I had never actually seen what this band looked like. The picture I had in my mind’s eye is totally different than reality.

After staring at this cover art (calling it, “art,” is a bit of a stretch, actually), I was left with more questions than answers.

For starters, was it ever cool to have this Marge Simpson ‘do like on our friend in the middle? Maybe that’s why he looks so pissed. This dude is, in fact, SO pissed, that his bro on the right is physically restraining him. That brings me to my second question: WHY?

I mean, what possible reason could this guy have to be so angry? As far as I know, all of Ambrosia’s music is of the same ilk — soft and smooth love songs. Is he angry because he had dreams of being in a way cooler rock band, like the Scorpions? And the blond fella doesn’t look too pleased, either. Did someone steal his girlfriend? Are his jeans too tight?

And then finally, to the guy on the left, who I think is the lead singer.

Is he somehow related to Ryan Gosling?

ryan gosling
Hey, girl. You’re the biggest part of me.

Tell me I’m not crazy to see a resemblance.

You guys, I can’t sleep at night with these questions eating away at me.


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