Spoiler Alert: McDreamy Dies

Hi. I’m hot. And I’m dead.

Last night on a show I thought went off the air years ago, a major character was killed off. Come on, Grey’s Anatomy, who do you think you are … Game of Thrones?

There was a time when I was hooked. And then Izzy kept seeing Dead Denny and had weird ghost sex with him, and THEN they killed George, and THEN they did a musical episode and THEN the plane crash and it just kept going on and on. The plane crash was the end for me, but I was disgusted way before then. This show has been unwatchable for years. If I were Patrick Dempsey, I would have begged to be killed off in like, 2009 when I still had my dignity.

What I think is hilarious is today’s aftermath. First of all, I saw the spoiler last night at like, 10. There was an entertainent site that posted Dempsey’s photo and something like “[SPOILER] killed in Grey’s shocker!” Uh, you posted the photo of the guy whose character was killed. I’m not shocked now, thanks! And given that working in Seattle Grace Mercy Me Whatever the F It’s Called Now is like saying, “I’ve paid all this money toward medical school, but I’m going to work at this hospital where I pretty much have a 50/50 chance of something horrible happening to me, including possible death or dismemberment, and I will almost certainly at some point be held hostage at gunpoint, and will likely sleep with one or more of my co-workers,” I’m not surprised that McDreamy met his end. Will ANY of these doctors live to retirement age? Perhaps that’s the plan at the hospital – kill them all off so we don’t have to pay their pensions!

And then there’s people who are pissed that sites are posting that spoiler. Two things. #1. It aired last night, so it’s fair game. And #2. You should not be watching this show anymore. Period. It’s horrible. Stop watching this garbage and go take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror. Repeat these four words to yourself until they start to sink in: Make. Better. Life. Choices.

And don’t come crying to me when Meredith becomes a quadriplegic. Because what is left for them to do?


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