Brackets are for suckers

I am currently sitting pretty in third place in a bracket group that my husband put together. There’s no money at stake, and it’s just our extended family, but bragging rights are on the line. I also want to be sure to mention that I had been in first for the entire tournament until this week.

I should also mention that I could give two flying shits about NCAA basketball. I know nothing about it, I have no favorite team that I root for (unless my alma mater is in the tourney, and they’re not this year – and usually aren’t!). I spent maybe 5 minutes filling out the bracket.

My husband, on the other hand, researched the teams and put a lot of thought into his bracket. You know what place he’s in? Second-to-last. Apparently, according to some calculations he did yesterday, he can still pull out a “W” if all the remaining games go his way. He enjoyed a long stead in the basement of the bracket, until his mom, who knows less about it than me, finally fell to the bottom.

I kind of feel bad for him. He’s been following the games religiously (even trying to stream them in the car on our drive to and from Florida!) and is taking his poor performance hard. On the other hand, I am slightly gleeful that I’m doing so well with #zerofuckstogive. I have to admit it, when I first learned that I had jumped to the lead in the pool, I started keeping tabs on what was going on. Yeah, I picked UAB to upset. That’s what kicked it all off. Why? I don’t know, I just figured in my quick assessment of the bracket, that there would probably be some surprise upsets along the way. That just happened to be one that I picked. So I guess I did use some logic in choosing.

I almost always choose Gonzaga if they are in. However this year, I went against my usual formula and only chose them to go to the sweet sixteen. If they go to the final four i will be forever kicking myself. Sorry, Zags!

One thing that I have to say about March Madness is that it is WAY TOO LONG. Hell, it won’t even be over in March! The madness extends into April. That’s bullshit.

Anyway, in case you’r wondering who I picked to win it all, my bet lays with Kentucky. Many family members, including my husband, chose Wisconsin. We shall see who prevails – quick decision making or methodical choosing!


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