Puke vs. Throw-Up

We all have various euphemisms for the act of vomiting. My favorite is “tossin’ cooks” but I’ve also been known to use terms such as

  • hurl
  • spew
  • barf
  • ride the porcelain bus
  • hug the toilet

And I use these all pretty interchangably, as they pretty much all mean the same thing.

However, last night, my 5 year old and I were snuggled in his bed, and I was waiting for him to PLEASE FALL ASLEEP I STILL NEED TO FINISH WATCHING THE DOWNTOWN ABBEY FINALE. His mind often wanders as he begins to drift off, and he’s come up with some real gems of questions for me in this state. One that comes to mind is “why do people have butts?”

Anyway, we’re laying there and he has been silent for a while. I’m thinking I can make my escape, and I start to shift my weight, preparing to throw the covers off and creep out of the room like a ninja.

“Mom?” he whispers.


“What?” I ask.

“Remember when I had that really bad stomach ache that one time?”

“I remember.”

“And then I thought I had to make diarrhea but I ended up puking?”

“Yes, I remember when you threw up.”

“No. I puked. Throw-up is thicker and puke is more like water.”

“Didn’t realize there was a difference!”

… so apparently, there is a distinction between different types of vomit. Thought I would pass this info along.


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