Tuesday after the time change SUCKS.

In case you have just emerged from your cave, we sprung ahead Saturday night. This is when we set our clocks ahead one hour in order to enjoy daylight when we leave our office dwellings in the evening. It feels really weird leaving the office and being greeted by the searing glare of the sun. I feel like a Twilight vampire as I shield my eyes from the blinding light.

Sunday was great. It was an hour later when everyone woke up, and the day flew by really quickly. Bedtime wasn’t that difficult, surprisingly. I wasn’t tired, so I stayed up til almost midnight watching episodes of Orphan Black that I’ve had on my DVR for at least six months.

Then I remembered what Monday morning was going to be like. I turned the TV off and got myself to bed post-haste. The morning was rough, but honestly not that bad. The kids had a hard time getting up, but once they did, they were fine. When I picked them up from their grandparents’ house, I could start to see some fatigue setting in for my little one. He was pouting because he had gotten his shoes and socks wet. OH! BUT THE BOOT WAS FOUND! The snow melted enough that a heroic fourth grader was able to retrieve said boot. It is currently drying out by a heating vent and should be completely dried out by approximately July 14.

The evening went fairly smoothly, but getting the kids to bed proved to be fairly tricky. They weren’t tired by their usual bedtime of 9:30 (which still felt like 8:30 to them) so they dawdled until 10. They share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Once I got them to get in bed, then they turned into raving lunatics, pretending to cough and not pretending to fart (e.g. actually farting) to get each other to laugh. The dog went insane. Cats were chased. And quicky, it was 10 and they were still wide awake and I WAS PISSED.

So, not surprisingly, this morning, waking them up was like DefCon 5. I’ll admit, I didn’t want to wake up, either. I didn’t go to bed until around 12 because I wasn’t tired. However, I am taking my lumps like a champ. My youngest, on the other hand, basically spent the entire morning in tears. First, because we asked him to get dressed. TOTALLY UNREASONABLE REQUEST, DENIED. Tears. Then he calmed down and I asked my older son to come brush his teeth. Younger son has meltdown again because he thought I asked him to brush his teeth. More tears. Thankfully, I left to go to work after too much of this. I could tell it was just going to be one non-stop battle royale to get out the door.

Everyone feels like shit today. If I could have a meltdown involving lots of tears and announcing how unfair it was that I have a meeting to go to, and still have the respect of my co-workers at the end of the day, I’d be under my desk right now and I would have thrown most of my office supplies down the aisle. My brain is basically performing basic survival functions right now and not much else.

I’m sure many people feel this way today. They should just close everything down on the Tuesday after the time change so our bodies can catch up. It’s just an hour, but it wreaks havoc for days to come.


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