ohm symbol
I don’t know. This looks like the number 30 to me if I were to write it really fast and not pick up my pen.

I love yoga. It’s exactly what a high-strung, stress-infused person like myself needs in their life. I force myself to make time to practice yoga at least two hours a week. If I could do more, I would. Seriously. I would probably go to retreats and stuff if I wasn’t terrified of the people I would meet at such places.

But there’s one thing about yoga, and some might argue it’s a big deal, some might argue it’s not, that I just can’t get behind. I feel like an asshole when I chant. So when people do the “ohm” in class, I just can’t go for that. No can do. It took me a while to even join in the “namaste” at the end. My first instructor and my regular instructor are not “ohm” people, so I didn’t encounter this for a while. However, a different instructor just busted out an “ohm” at the end of class and it threw me for a loop. We DO that in yoga? Ew!

I know. I’m a completely unenlightened idiot. I’m missing the ancient alignment of mind, body and spirit by not allowing myself to participate in the ohm. Probably not worthy of the light in you respecting the light in me. I get it. I just feel like a dork and it makes me uncomfortable to hear grown adults making that sound. I enjoy everything else about yoga. Just don’t make me say ohm.


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