The Boot

My younger son lost his boot at school and no one seems to give a shit except for me.

It was lost in a giant snow mound, upon which he apparently was climbing, earlier in the week. How he got out and the boot did not, I’m not sure, but that is the story I have been told. Why no one looked for the boot at that time has also not been answered to my liking. However, this is the evidence I have been presented with. There is a boot missing, and it is allegedly in a snow mound.

At my urging, a search party was assembled the next day after school. This consisted of three fourth graders who half-assedly looked for a few minutes and then commenced throwing snowballs at one another. Boot rescue: FAIL.

My husband’s feelings on the matter are as follows: “Winter is almost over.” Really? Have you looked outside? Oh that’s right, you can’t, because the ENORMOUS SNOW DRIFTS ARE PILED UP ABOVE THE WINDOWS. No, he doesn’t need his other boot. What was I thinking?

So I guess the strategy now is to wait until the snow melts to get his boot back? At which point he won’t need the boot because the snow melted?

This sounds like a completely logical course of action.


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