Generation Gap: Identified

In English, this is pronounced "The DeBarge."
In English, this is pronounced “The DeBarge.”

This morning one of my team members texted me that he had overslept and would be late. I texted back, “Well maybe you should stop going out clubbing late at night.”

He wrote back, “Sorry, it’s just the rhythm of the night.”

I assumed he meant this, but he, in fact, meant this. I was going to reply with an El DeBarge reference, but I’m glad I didn’t, because it would have been lost on this not-quite-30-year-old. When he got to the office, he asked if I knew what the reference was to. Another under-30 piped up and sang the chorus from the latter song, while I provided the hook to the DeBarge ditty – which prompted an over-30 to turn and nod.

We realized we had found a generation gap, and due to the configuration of our desks, it actually had a physical demarcation. In other words, when you crossed from their desks to our desks, you literally crossed into the 80’s. I thought that your clothes should turn neon if you were to pass through this division.

Which song do YOU think of when you hear the phrase “Rhythm of the night?” Are you old school, like me, or a little bit more 90’s clubby, like my colleagues?


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